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2022 NutraDrip Grower Agronomy Meeting

Jason Schley, NextLevel Ag

Combining Chemistry and Soil Health; the Next Level Ag Story

NextLevel Ag goal: Look at the numbers of soil tests and plant information, figure out what they mean and how to make them practical on a farming basis

Key Points:

· There is so much about soil we didn’t know, and are still learning more

· A complete soil test includes chemical, biological and physical aspects.

· Three nutrient pools-constantly change:

1. Total pool -acid digestion

2. Extractable pool

3. Plant available

· Pay attention to every interaction

More in-depth information on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

If you are interested, visit the Next Level Ag website for more information; his lab provides provides really good lab results that are more in-depth on soil sampling and soil health. Jason has also developed an app called Agronomy 365.

"which is a great resource for growers to log into and ask questions and learn more" per Kurt.

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