Water your crop where it needs it.


Fertilize directly in the root zone. 


Use less water & fertilizer.

Start with a professional design, continue with a quality installation, and finish with good maintenance and support year after year.

Find some of the best resources available as well as some general questions answered!

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Soil Moisture Probes


Soil moisture probes are vital in determining when and how much water and nutrients to apply to your crop with your subsurface irrigation system. One of the frequently asked questions we get is how to properly place a soil moisture probe so it is giving relevant information on the amount of moisture that is being put in the soil. In this post, we discuss how to properly install a soil moisture probe, explain the variety of models available for use, and the benefits of soil moisture probes and why they are a great tool in your toolkit.


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Tractor Cab Talk - Brenden Hirt

Ever wonder if subsurface drip irrigation is actually worth it? Kurt interviews Brenden Hirt while installing his second field of drip irrigation. They cover why Brenden chose drip irrigation, yields, maintenance of his drip irrigation system and water supply. Read on for a summary, or watch the video:

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