A little care goes a long way!

Maintenance Options

Customize your maintenance program to fit your needs!  The below options will make sure your system runs year after year.

Spring Start-Up

Spring start-up includes checking water pressure and quality, flagging and fixing leaks, and testing your system. To help detect leaks, we use drones with thermal cameras.

Mid-Season Flush

This is a dual flush - first with water, then with air to clean any settled debris in your system.  This process is shown in the above video. 

Acid Treatment

Treating the lines with acid in the fall is needed after about 24" of water have been applied.  This can change due to water quality issues and we will discuss the best maintenance plan with you based on your situation.

Fall Shut-Down

Fall Shut-Down includes flushing your system with water and air as shown in the above video.  Fall Shut-Down also includes draining your system for safe keeping through the winter.

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