Designing Your SDI System

Our network of SDI experts take many factors into consideration when designing your SDI system.  We look at your current irrigation needs as well as discussing future farm decisions.  NutraDrip has the ability to provide you with manual or automated systems that range from opening the system by hand to controlling the whole system on your smart phone.  

Water quality and availability is one of the most important parts of the design.  We often can use well or surface water according to which is available.  We use a water test to determine the kind and extent of filtration needed.  We also look at the iron and manganese content in the water as anything above 2ppm requires special treatment. We look at your water source capacity as well looking for 1-5 gpm per acre.

1gpm per acre will irrigate 1" every 20 days.

5gpm per acre will irrigate 1" every 4 days.



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