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"The Road to 400" - Steve Killpack & Kelly Garrett

• Importance of uniform stands  • Timing of critical fertilizer application • Tissue tracking programs • Scouting for high yields • Fungicides & biologicals • How profitable 400 bu/ac can be

"Managing Soil Solution - Danny Sosebee

"New Fertilizer Technology for Irrigation"-Dr. Wayne Becker

• How fertilizers react with soil particles •Availability of applied fertilizers • Benefits of in-season fertilization

• Boosting nutrient availability & soil health

Tissue Sampling - Galen Grimm

• Using past tissue data for decisions • Staying ahead of the plants need 

GROWER PANEL -Steve Killpack -Kelly Garrett -Galen Grimm

• Farmer to farmer discussions & questions you will definitely learn something from •

"Effective Use of Irrigation Technology" &  NetBeat Intro. - Steven Soares

• Sensor placement relative to drip tape • Reading soil moisture graphs • Features of NetBeat 

•Using NetBeat to integrate soil moisture, aerial maps, and forecasts to help with irrigation timing.

"Netafim Tools for SDI Success" - Tim Wolf

• Corn fertility scheduling tool • Automated graphs for tissue sample results • Nutrient balancing tool

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