Steve Killpack - From the seed bag to V6, setting the stage for success.

Tim Wolf - Tissue Sampling, Nutrient & Fertility Plans, Sensors and Soil Probes.

Credits to Netafim, Smartfield, AquaSpy, John Deere, Freddie Lamm - Kansas State University.

Steve Killpack - Tissue Sampling

Kurt Grimm - Tissue Sampling Experience

*Note to clarify a comment about Boron in this video.  Boron cannot go in the seed trench.  It can go in the starter, but not in the seed trench.  It has to go 2 by 2 or 3 by 3.

Tim Wolf - Netafim Fertility Tool & Soil Probes

3/20/18 Fertility tool not released yet. Contact for current information on this tool.

Kurt Grimm - Plant Sensors and Questions

Travis Rokey - Using a drone to detect leaks and verify uniformity.

Steve Killpack - Plant Food Solutions

John Maxwell & Kurt Grimm - Drip System Maintenance

Richard Malcolm - Air/water management & nitrogen form

Tim Wolf - Drip Research Results

Kansas State University & University of Illinois

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