Frequently Asked Questions

What does SDI stand for?

SDI stands for Subsurface Drip Irrigation.


What are the risks and benefits of SDI

Find out extensive overview of benefits and risks in our Resources Pages.


How much water or flow do I need for drip?

A minimum of 2 gallons per minute per acre are necessary, but 5 is ideal.


How Deep is the tape buried?

12-18 inches depending on soil type, tillage practices, and germination needs.


What is the life expectancy for the tape?

K-State research farm at Colby KS has tape that was installed 25 years ago. It is still operating today within the design parameters. With proper maintenance and good water quality, it should last 25+ years.


Can I install on slopes, hilly or terraced ground?

Yes. These installations require pressure compensating emitters. They emit the same amount of water with 6psi as 26psi.


How much is my investment for drip irrigation?

$1300-$1900 per acre depending on water source, and field shape and size.


What about rodents?

Ground squirrels (gophers) and prairie dogs have to be controlled. They can make a mess of drip. Mice are typically only a problem the first year while the soil is loose from installation.


 Do you offer a Warranty?

Yes!  Many parts of your system will have a warranty.  Find the details on our Warranty Page.


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