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Meet Edgar and Lupita: TN Visa Team Members

As owners of NutraDrip, Kurt and Ted Grimm have gotten to meet and work with many amazing growers and team members over the years. The last 3 years have expanded that experience, as TN visa workers from Mexico have been added to the team at NutraDrip.  

One evening, while visiting his brother-in-law and sister in Iowa, Ted was telling her how hard it is to find team members who are willing to travel and are knowledgeable in irrigation. She introduced him to TW Consulting out of Ohio (owned and operated by her brother-in-law), and the rest is history. Now, Ted states “we have multiple people on our TN Visa (Trade NAFTA) teams that are located throughout the U. S. that do service and help with installs in their local region”. 

Tobin with TW Consulting states “we recruit professionals from Mexico and help them get visas to work in the U. S…these visas are for professional positions, so everybody that we interview and, bring to jobs have a four year degree in a related profession.” Those working with NutraDrip have degrees related to different aspects of irrigation or agronomy. 

The video above highlights Edgar and Lupita, a husband and wife team who help with service and install SDI (subsurface drip irrigation) around the Holdridge, NE area. Edgar is an engineer in irrigation systems, and Lupita holds a master of soil sciences degree.  

We are thankful for all our team members and look forward to working with them in the years to come.  

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