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FAQ: What do I need to do when I start my drip system?

Q: When you first fire up your drip system, is there a checklist you go through and make sure that it is working correctly?  It's such a different thing than what I'm used to with the pivot. 

  1. Check Filter Pressure: 

    1. Pressure In and Out: Verify there is minimal friction loss through the filter, ideally around 5 to 10 pounds. 

    2. Top Manifold Gauge: Monitor the gauge on the top manifold of the filters. 

    3. Selector for Pressure Readings: Rotate the selector to obtain and compare two different pressure readings. 

    4. Flow Rate: Measure the flow rate in gallons per minute, with the filter pressure typically between 30 to 35 pounds. 

  1. Verify Valve Function: 

    1. Valve Operation: Ensure all valves are properly opened. 

    2. Pressure Check: Confirm that all valves are pressurized to the correct levels. 

    3. Use a Pressure Gauge: Utilize a pressure gauge (such as a tire pressure gauge) to quickly verify the pressure of each valve. 

  1. Check Backflush Controller: 

    1. Start a manual backflush on the controller to ensure filter solenoids properly open and close. 

    2. Ensure that the pressure on the button side of the filters remains above 25 pounds throughout the process to achieve an effective backflush.

By following this checklist, you can ensure your drip irrigation system is operating correctly. As always, if you are concerned or uncertain about anything, feel free to reach out to your local sales rep.

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