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Customer Testimonial - Joe Barber

Joe Barber put in 230 acres of drip irrigation around 4 years ago. He had bought the land 12-13 years ago and farmed the acres without any irrigation for 9 years. Average yield for beans was 30-40 bushels per acre, and corn 125 bushels per acre. His best corn yield was 160-170 dry land. This year, with a mid-level draught, he would normally expect around 100 bushels per acre for corn. With drip irrigation and fertigation, his average yield was 254 bushels per acre. This field was put in at 40 inch spacing, due to sandy soil and the possibility of converting this field to alfalfa in the future. As Joe says "There's just something about being able to put your nutrients right where the roots are and do it all summer long. I think that helps a lot."

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