2020 GSD in Hiawatha, KS

Friday, September . 4th . 2020


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https://acumen.ag/  "mad scientist" - Steve Killpack - speaking into the potential with stand establishment and uniformity.

https://www.xtremeag.farm/  's NCGA national winner - Kelly Garrett - sharing success formulas for those winning yields.

https://www.nutradrip.com/ 's leader -Kurt Grimm - taking a look at the big picture in water efficiency and the investment. 

https://www.netafimusa.com/ 's row crop lead agronomist - Tim Wolf - on the latest in drip technology and research.

https://www.nutradrip.com/ 's technology manager - Travis Rokey - with drone and thermal imaging.

operations manager - Galen Grimm - with boron research.

 owner and operator -Todd Rokey - running swine effluent through drip irrigation.
 's  research and development manager - Koertland Beyer - using Sulfur burners for irrigation water treatment 

- Panel of Growers

 10:00 a.m. - 2:00ish p.m.

*More details will keep coming

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