2020 Grower Agronomy Meeting - Lincoln, NE

      All who attended our grower meeting were able to receive a better vision of their practices and goals to me more profitable in the upcoming years. From our team of high yield growers an invaluable amount of information and research was shared to all who attended. If you were unable to attend live or via our webinar or want a refresher we hope you will glean from our recorded videos and presentations.


Kurt Grimm

Steve Killpack

Oscar Ruiz

Kelly Garrett   &   Steve Killpack

Tim Wolf

Along with research studies, Tim will talk about a useful tool to build and adjust your fertility plan for your high yielding crop this year. Get signed up here  https://fertility.netafimusa.com/  to "stay in the green" this season. 


*also note - because of time limitations some of the slides included here were hidden during the video presentation.


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