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Drip irrigation adds consistent yields, fertilizer efficiency

Kurt Grimm farms in northeast Kansas, where average rainfall is 28 inches, but variable weather stress still eats into valuable yield. “With irrigation, we are able to raise the bar on yields from 160 to 240-260 bushels per acre consistently, year after year,” he says. 


Ten years ago their farm was less than 5% irrigated; today it’s about 25% with desire to go higher. Currently they have 500 acres of pivot irrigation and 50 acres of drip. “We're going to install more drip in the years to come as grain prices improve. And we have to build ponds and reservoirs to irrigate since we cannot drill for water,” Grimm says.

Seeking Fertilizer Efficiency

The big reasons why Grimm is sold on Netafim’s DripNet PC (Pressure Compensating) drip irrigation technology is it delivers precise flows anywhere in a field, it increases fertilizer efficiency and it increases yield.

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