2016 Yield Results

Combining water and fertility management for optimal results.
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Subsurface Drip Irrigation: 2016 Yield Results

Combing water and fertilizer manangment for optimal efficiency.

90 Bushels / Acre Drip Advantage: Baileyville, KS

2016 Drip Results: 250 Bushels per Acre Corn
2016 Dryland Results: 160 Bushels per Acre Corn

This 100 acre bottom north of Baileyville was installed in the fall of 2015, so this was the first growing season. An exceptionally hot and dry June stressed the area crops early.  This field has some of the tightest clay soil we have ever worked in. Typically it would crack open. By irrigating .1-.25" of water per day as needed, the moisture content stayed ideal all year.  N, K, and S were all injected during the growing season. We used weekly tissue samples, crop uptake charts and soil sampling to guide the fertigation plan.  Six different varieties where planted in this field. There was not a statistical difference in seed variety or soil type.  We look forward to building on our first year of success in this field!  All NutraDrip projects use quality Netafim products and expertise.  Netafim and NutraDrip join together to make drip irrigation work on your farm and become a partner in your success. 

59 Bushels per Acre Advantage: Denison, IA

2016 Drip Results: 289 Bushels per Acre Corn
2016 Dryland Results: 230 Bushels per Acre Corn

This field highlights the adaptability of drip irrigation. Lets start with field shape and topography. The yellow outline is the irrigated area.  Add 80' of elevation change, grass-back terraces, highly erodible soil, and a high PH (8.5+) and then you will have a taste of this field.  Rainfall in this area was never lacking with timely rains and very good dryland yields.  With drip irrigation we where able to take advantage of ideal growing conditions and spoon feed N, P, K, S and micro nutrients to optimize the return per seed, per unit of fertilizer, per acre of land and ultimately per dollar invested. Only 2.5" of water was applied in season. This 70 acre field was installed in the fall of 2015. Another 170 acres has been added this fall after this grower saw the benefits and understood that investing in the land he already owns and farms is a much better investment that buying more land. 

71 Bushels per Acre Advantage: Oregon, IL

2016 Drip Results: 311 Bushels per Acre Corn
2016 Dryland Results: 240 Bushels per Acre Corn

2015: 169 Bushel Advantage per Acre.

2015 Drip Results: 299 Bushels per Acre Corn
2015 Dryland results: 130 Bushels per Acre Corn

Repeatable results mean consistent production.  We have raised the yield bar on this odd shaped, rolling field.  This is the second year in a row for outstanding production on this sandy soil.  Intense nutrient management and optimum moisture control, validated  by weekly tissue samples, have provided a road map for success to build on.  After seeing the success on 100 acres in  2015, this grower chose to install the second 100 acres in the spring of 2016, in a field that would have fit a pivot.  After seeing the level of control drip irrigation provided to his nutrient program, he chose drip irrigation as the best investment for his operation.

76.2 Bushels per Acre Advantage: Morrill, KS

2016 Drip Results: 231.8 Bushels per Acre Corn
2016 Dryland Results: 155.6 Bushels per Acre Corn

For those who attended our field day near Morrill, this was the average advantage of the drip irrigated varieties. This 5 acre plot is half irrigated (left side of picture) and half dryland. The Pioneer varieties where planted straight through and then we irrigated and fertigated through the drip.  There were some planter issues and wind damage that limited  some of the varieties and were not usable for comparison.  See full results below.


Morrill, Kansas Corn Test Plot Results

All measurements are Bushels per Acre
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Drip 2016
Dryland 2016
Local farmer discusses SDI system installed by NutraDrip.
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