Drip Irrigation: Oregon, IL

Join us for a field day on Friday, August 19th, 2016 at the Dan Luepkes farms, just south of Oregon IL.  I think it will be worth your drive.  Bring neighbor, friend, crop adviser, etc.


A bit about the site….


We installed 100 acres for Dan on  a cut-up property in the winter of 14/15.  He planted it all to corn in 2015 and averaged 300 bpa!  We went back this spring and installed another 100 acres.  This year his goal was even higher.  He did have some pollination issues so won’t be breaking records, but looks to be higher than last year. The new system we installed this spring is in soybeans so this is a great opportunity to see both corn and soybeans.  We plan to have a root pit on the corn to view the interaction of roots and tape.  The field is very sandy. Dan pumps out of a small reservoir that he built on a stream running through his farm. 


We plan to spend an hour or so at the field and then head to town for lunch and will spend an hour or so on the agronomy that goes along with drip irrigation.  To give you a taste, we have developed a nutrient guide that is customized for every field and gives us a weekly guide for fertilizer needs. We follow that with weekly tissue sampling to verify if our plan is on target and make real time adjustments to the nutrient plan. These tissue samples give us a trend of what the nutrients are doing. 


We have a lot of information to share and would love to see you there.  If Friday doesn’t work, there is also a field day on Thursday the 18th of August at University of IL, Champaign.  Dr Fred Below will be showing off his work with SDI and the trials they have in research plots.  Also will be at Farm Progress, Husker Harvest, and field days at Denison IA on Sept 2nd and Sioux Falls SD on Sept 3rd.



Kurt Grimm



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